Fibonacci Mastery Course At The Fibonacci Trading Institute

Fibonacci Trading Institute will be starting their next new class on Monday May 15th and it is applicable to traders of all levels, from beginner trader through to Hedge Fund Trader. Whatever the level of experience, the Fibonacci Mastery Course will help you gain control and consistency in your trading.

Alla Peters, the developer of the Fibonacci Method teaches at the Fibonacci Trading Institute using online course materials, Fibonacci Classes and also from within her live Fibonacci trading room. What makes the Fibonacci Mastery course so much more in demand, is that the method can be traded on any instrument, any timeframe and on any platform.

The Origin Of The Fibonacci Method

Alla Peters asked herself in 2008, ‘How can stocks with solid fundamentals be collapsing so drastically’? The downturn in the markets at that time saw share prices plummet across the board. She decided to remove all the technical indicators from her charts and study price movement. What Alla discov…

Fibonacci Trading Institute- A Proprietary Fibonacci Method

Fibonacci Trading Institute offers the Fibonacci Method course for traders who participate in the financial markets and who are looking for accuracy and consistency in their trading. Based on Pure Price Action and Fibonacci Retracement levels, the course is available to traders of all levels. The proprietary Fibonacci levels are key to the method and the only naturally predictive tool in the markets. When combined with Price Action it provides a powerful method for trading the markets.
The positives of this method include:

Unparalleled accuracy for trade identification and managementClear Trading Rules to remove trader discrimination & uncertaintyPortability to trade any instrument, any time frame and on any platformMeasured successFibonacci Mastery Course 

The method developed by Alla Peters, is structured around her proprietary Fibonacci levels. The method does not require any indicators or software and can be traded on any platform with basic charting capabilities. The…

Alla Peters, Proprietary Fibonacci Method