Fibonacci Mastery Course At The Fibonacci Trading Institute

Fibonacci Trading Institute will be starting their next new class on Monday May 15th and it is applicable to traders of all levels, from beginner trader through to Hedge Fund Trader. Whatever the level of experience, the Fibonacci Mastery Course will help you gain control and consistency in your trading.

Alla Peters, the developer of the Fibonacci Method teaches at the Fibonacci Trading Institute using online course materials, Fibonacci Classes and also from within her live Fibonacci trading room. What makes the Fibonacci Mastery course so much more in demand, is that the method can be traded on any instrument, any timeframe and on any platform.

The Origin Of The Fibonacci Method

Alla Peters asked herself in 2008, ‘How can stocks with solid fundamentals be collapsing so drastically’? The downturn in the markets at that time saw share prices plummet across the board. She decided to remove all the technical indicators from her charts and study price movement. What Alla discovered was that price was influenced by repetitive price patterns borne from Identical Fibonacci Sequences and this pattern recognition was not constrained to stocks alone.

This discovery motivated Alla to research more about Fibonacci and the ratios associated with it. Her work with Fibonacci Retracements soon proved that Fibonacci would also identify key turning points in any market and was in fact the only naturally predictive tool in the markets. The Fibonacci Mastery Course was developed after many years of research; by combining her knowledge of Fibonacci Price Sequences with highly accurate Fibonacci turning points.

Benefits of the Fibonacci Mastery Course

Online Course Materials – study can be performed in the trader’s own time, with full access to the online materials for the duration of their course.

Fibonacci Classes – are held every week to learn the fundaments of the method and to interact with Alla.

Guided Live S&P E-mini Trading Room – watch daily as Alla demonstrates the method and shows the accuracy of the method.

Course Options – a trader can opt for an 8-Week group course or a 16-week private mentoring course.

Portability – the Fibonacci Mastery Course allows a trader to trade any instrument, on any timeframe and on any platform with basic charting capabilities.

Fibonacci Trading Institute provides a highly accurate method for trading the financial markets. The course is applicable to all levels of trader and provides learning options to suit all traders. 


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